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New AC Adapter For Itronix Duo-Touch IX Wi-Fi Windows XP Touch-Screen Tablet PC Battery Charger DC Power Supply Cord PSU. Here you'll find all info. The shipping carton should contain a Duo-Touch Tablet PC with the following . Tablet PC Getting Familiar with your Tablet PC The Itronix Duo-Touch is a rugged, The Duo-Touch (IX) Tablet PC may be connected to the telephone. : AC Adapter For Itronix Duo-Touch IX Wi-Fi Touch-Screen Tablet PC Power Supply: Home Audio & Theater.

ITRONIX DUO TOUCH-IX325 WLAN Drivers for Windows Download

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ITRONIX DUO TOUCH-IX325 WLAN Driver for Windows Download

The key to a daylight readable display therefore is in reducing reflection. That is relatively simple for a standard LCD, but much more difficult for ITRONIX DUO TOUCH-IX325 WLAN with touch screens as they add more layers and thus more reflective surfaces. To reduce reflection, manufacturers ITRONIX DUO TOUCH-IX325 WLAN anti-reflective coatings and special polarizers. In conjunction with a strong but not excessively bright so as to significantly reduce battery life backlight, it cuts overall display reflectivity to about 7: Remarkably well unless you have unrealistic expectations.

Take the Duo-Touch outdoors on a bright day, and it remains totally readable in the shade. Go into direct sunlight and it becomes a bit more difficult as the sun can still reflect in the display surface. So why not add one ITRONIX DUO TOUCH-IX325 WLAN those matte-looking anti-glare coatings on top of everything else?

Because GD-Itronix found that an anti-glare coating reduced performance and test users felt an anti-glare coated screen was not as sharp. As is, even facing the sun the screen remains readable, though you may have to position it so there is no direct reflection from the sun. ITRONIX DUO TOUCH-IX325 WLAN


Is the display perfect? No, and current technology doesn't allow one that is, at least not outdoors.

Compared to competing technologies, the DynaVue approach matched or exceeded anything we've seen here at RuggedPCReview. Indoors we noticed a ITRONIX DUO TOUCH-IX325 WLAN horizontal line pattern and grid, and a bit of optical distortion when viewing the display from an angle.

What about the viewing angle? Ever since the BOE Hydis wide viewing angle LCDs became available in Tablet PCs, we've been raving about them as they let you view the screen from any angle without any color shifts or washing out.

Rugged PC - Itronix Duo-Touch II

Well, BOE Hydis does not make an 8. The one GD-Itronix uses has a perfect neardegree horizontal viewing angle, but a much narrower one ITRONIX DUO TOUCH-IX325 WLAN you tilt the unit vertically. That means you have to hold the computer at a proper angle to avoid color shifts.

This would be an issue in a notebook, but much less so in a tablet that can easily be positioned for best possible viewing. Brightness adjustment is either automatic or via buttons.

General Dynamics Itronix Duo-Touch IX325 40GB, Wi-Fi, 8.4in - Black

The manual mode isn't immediately obvious: You use Function and the "rotate" key to increase brightness, and Function and the "security" key to decrease it. In automatic mode there is the ITRONIX DUO TOUCH-IX325 WLAN handy control panel shown to the left. It lets you set backlight brightness levels in response to ambient lighting conditions as measured by the computer's light sensor that sits on the right side of the screen just above the control buttons. The light sensor measures light in lux.

Direct sunlight ranges from 30, tolux. Outdoors in the shade you may encounter a few hundred to a couple of thousand lux. Indoors, you may have as little as 30 lux or as much as under a bright reading lamp. The panel lets you set automatic brightness for four ranges. When the sensor detects a different lighting environment, it waits a ITRONIX DUO TOUCH-IX325 WLAN seconds, then adjusts brightness in steps.

General Dynamics Itronix Duo-Touch II GB, Wi-Fi, in - Black eBay

Even if you set the brightness to maximum for all levels, it's educational to watch the lux readout. You learn something about lighting intensity.

The same utility also lets you assign alternate functions to each ITRONIX DUO TOUCH-IX325 WLAN the hardware buttons to the right of the LCD. It can work as an active digitizer as required for the full Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and Vista pen functionality, but it can also work as a passive touch panel. In active mode it provides cursor tracking, right mouse-click emulation ITRONIX DUO TOUCH-IX325 WLAN and holding the pen until the right mouseclick menu pops up and all the other neat tricks an active digitizer can do.

General Dynamics Itronix Duo-Touch II 160GB, Wi-Fi, 8.4in - Black

In passive touchscreen mode it works like a PDA and you can use any stylus or finger to tap the display. In touchscreen mode, the digitizer is responsive, but also offers ITRONIX DUO TOUCH-IX325 WLAN palm rejection. Palm rejection refers to the digitizer's resistance to making the cursor jump when you inadvertently touch the screen with the palm of your hand. To toggle between the two modes, you press the left and right buttons at the same time.

  • General Dynamics Itronix Duo-Touch IX 40GB, Wi-Fi, in - Black eBay
  • Rugged PC - Itronix Duo-Touch

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